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Rising Products is GBS’ Direct-to-Consumer Platform

Rising Products was created in 2019 as a Direct-to-Consumer ecommerce platform. Initially the company focused on a portfolio of straight sale offerings; however, the business model shifted to include recurring subscription models in 2020.

Product offering brands are owned by Rising Products and manufactured through third parties. Products are sold through various platforms including the DeluxeAds Network, fulfilled by Rising Products and supported with Rising Products customer service through a global partner.

Rising Products can be used to Launch and Scale a specific product using portions or all of the comprehensive process. Supply and processing are still factors; however, an established and well capitalized merchant should be a good candidate provided they grasp the cash flow cycle ramping up and optimizing a product for straight sale or subscription. Subscriptions keep customers coming back. Customers view subscriptions as a convenience. Companies view subscription services as a way to create a plan for inventory and sales that are already locked in.

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