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Automated Calling Suite Automated Calling Suite

The Most Comprehensive Automated Calling and Messaging Suite

Automated Calling Suite enables healthcare providers to select the right calling and messaging solution based upon their specific needs. Automated phone calls, texts and emails easily deliver the right information to the right people at the right times.

  • Remind, inform and alert easily and quickly
  • Reduce no-shows for better patient outcomes
  • Accomplish more with your congregation
  • Keep customers informed for a healthy bottom line
  • Make sure your members get the message

Automated Calling and Messaging Features:

  • Contact List Management – Easily import your contact list whether it is big or small
  • Call and Message Management – Easily contact patients with text-to-speech, call scheduling, voice recording and so much more with guided message creations
  • Advanced Message Builder – Easily customize unique messages you plan to send out
  • A Better Recipient Experience – Recipients recognize the call or text from the caller ID and can easily send their response by the touch tone options
  • Advanced Reporting – Effortlessly schedule call reports to be generated and emailed automatically with personalized reporting views
  • Customizations for Medical Practices and Patient Messaging – Messages for patients can be personalized, which allows merging of specific patient contact data. This also allows staff to manage the best time to handle follow-up calls and tasks
  • Practice Management Tools – Easily manage account profiles from a centralized admin console and personalized user preferences
  • Patient Experience Enhancements – Choose to send separate reminders to each patient in a household or bundle patient reminders for the family into one message. Also, if you do not reach patients at the primary phone number, reminders and alerts can be sent to alternate numbers

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