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NextGen® Practice Management

Used by practices of all sizes, NextGen® Practice Management is a leading Electronic Patient Claims system for registration, scheduling and billing is HIPAA compliant and will improve your cash flow and productivity. By automating tasks and promptly assigning tasks that can’t be automated to the appropriate staff, this software:

  • Streamlines front-and back-office administration
  • Improves staff communication
  • Reduces accounts receivable days
  • Increases time that can be focused on patients

Use the NextGen® Background Business Processor to automate common procedures such as claims generation, running reports, printing statements and more.

Completely unified with NextGen® Ambulatory electronic health records (EHR), the NextGen® Practice Management application is an award-winning, enterprise-built system that has helped thousands of practices improve their productivity, enhance their revenue and improve their cash flow.

Fully compliant with HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10.

Electronic Patient Claims

The manual processing of patient claims is much too slow and allows for errors. The entire process of submitting claims and receiving remittance advice is tedious and time consuming. As the number of patient claims to be filed continues to increase, the pressure to complete the work rises. This often results in errors as employees become overwhelmed with the workload.

Our Practice Management solution checks claims for errors or missing information before electronically submitting to a HIPAA-compliant payer or to a clearinghouse. When the system identifies an error, it can be configured to send a task to the appropriate claims specialist to fix.

Ultimately, our Practice Management solution provides efficient and timely processing of patient claims with HIPAA-compliant accuracy.

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For information about NextGen Healthcare’s ONC HIT certification, including limitations and cost disclosures, please visit here.

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