How are you reaching buyers? We bring a global perspective to advertising—eliminating risk, guesswork and complexity.
Digital Marketing

Digital Advertising & Affiliate Marketing Solutions

GBS has partnered with DeluxeAds, an agency and performance-based marketing network specializing in e-Commerce sales of health, nutrition and digital products. The leadership at DeluxeAds brings a global perspective to advertising; both clients and team members are located all around the world.

DeluxeAds’ Performance Marketing approach shifts the upfront expense and marketing risk to a pay-for-performance model. This approach allows merchants to access online buyers with minimal upfront expenses. DeluxeAds’ diversity in strategy and approach, coupled with their dedication to clients, advertisers and affiliates, provides merchants with instantaneous scope and scale.

  • Removes the risk and complexity of digital advertising
  • Increases market exposure & the ability to scale product sales
  • Focuses on optimizing ROI using strategy & analytics
  • Possesses a network of trusted & dedicated performance-based media buyers

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