Excellent patient engagement starts here. Get the best in electronic health records, remote patient monitoring, patient portals and more. GBS RevCycle simplifies the medical billing process, allowing you to collect your hard-earned payments. It's your revenue. Keep it! Keep your patients safe with ID and tracking solutions. Easily ID your patients.

Appointment Scheduling and Statement Processing

Medical Appointment Scheduling

Our best-in-class medical appointment scheduling software makes it quick and easy to manage your patients’ care with:

  • Multi-level display capabilities mean fast access to providers’ schedules, patient preferences or any combination of resources to meet patients’ needs
  • Customization of scheduling parameters
  • Search-ahead features to find available appointment times
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendar views
  • Notifications of patients’ account statuses
  • Prompts about managed care requirements

This solution enables you to schedule not only human resources, but other resources as well, to effectively coordinate and improve the productivity of your practice and medical records software.

Patient care through computerized scheduling is a time management tool that has become a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace.

Electronic Patient Statement Processing

Get statements to your patients quicker and with less expense than it would take to process your billing manually by using our Change Healthcare Patient Statement Services to electronically process patient statements.

Electronically submit billing information any time of any day, with the ability to delete statements, edit statements or insert a specific message all prior to sending a batch. Once your files are received, they are processed, address-corrected, laser-printed and mailed the next business day in a statement that is clear, concise and correct. This prompt billing turnaround and easy-to-understand statement results in faster and higher payment rates.

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