Don't let paper files hold you back. Transforming your files from paper to digital
makes it easier than ever to find the files you need.
We put records at your fingertips. Digital filing lets you access your files 24/7—
whenever and wherever you need them.
Document Management

Document Imaging

GBS understands how much easier and cost-effective it is to adopt a document imaging solution that can be built around your current business structure. We also realize that you want to save and access these documents as quickly as possible. That is why our solution allows for unlimited users, each assigned a specific level of access and works with both centralized and distributed imaging environments.

Disaster Recovery

If your electronic or paper files are ever destroyed, we can swiftly retrieve them by keeping secure copies of the documents offsite. Our solutions ensure that you have nearly instant access to your scanned documents, wherever and whenever you need them.

Our solutions include various storage options for your physical documents, an integrated document imaging system and outstanding customer service to meet your needs. We also provide you with peace of mind, knowing that all of your most critical business documents are fully protected at all times.

Electronic Forms

Our E-Forms Solution merges data from the Document Management database or external data sources into forms being created. Also, it integrates forms created in other applications by passing them through our Document Management Solution and applying ID barcodes so they can be scanned back into the system when printed.


Our Document Management Solution can be tailored to fit any business or department in any industry, but we specialize in serving clients in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources

Physical File Tracking

Our Physical File Tracking Solution provides the ability to organize, track and retrieve paper files and archived boxes. It allows for files or boxes to be checked in or out of a central storage room or requested via email by users, and enables email users to specify fulfillment method, such as delivering the file or box, faxing specific pages or scanning the file for quick online viewing

Workflow Process Management

Workflow Process Management automates the collaboration and assignment of tasks to streamline work processes and accelerate critical business decisions. This equates to increased operational efficiencies, reduced costs and organizational scalability. It adds management oversight to tasks that are impossible to control in a paper environment, distributes tasks to workers across different locations and allocates tasks according to current workloads. It can also benefit areas such as human resource hiring, medical transcription approval, lab results routing, remote coding applications and loan approvals.

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