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Managed Technology Solutions

Security and Network Management

There are many ways your company’s security and network management can be compromised – information theft, virus attacks, application abuse and more. With these factors on the rise, it is critical for organizations to secure their business network and protect valuable resources. But don’t worry, there are many aspects to protect your environment. Our team at GBS has guarded organizations of all sizes from networking threats and has the knowledge to offer the most comprehensive security solution for you.

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Security Awareness & Phishing Education

Over the years, Phishing has been on the rise. Perpetrators are disguising their identity and using means to encourage users to give up sensitive information, ultimately leading to identity theft.

To help prevent Phishing attacks, GBS offers Security Awareness & Phishing Education. We deploy real life custom simulated phishing attacks to sharpen your employees’ awareness of social engineering threats. Telling someone what a phishing attack looks like is not nearly as effective as having them fall for it themselves, but in a safe, learning environment that is fun and engaging.

Each month, we send our Clients an easy to read, actionable report, and continually provide them with valuable feedback and support to broaden their cybersecurity awareness and to monitor their trends. Being able to see our Clients’ weaknesses and address them gives organizations the best chance to defend against Cyber Attacks.

Our Security Awareness & Phishing Education allows organizations to decrease critical security issues and the potential of recurring threats.

We have vast experience installing firewalls, intrusion detection systems and virtual private networks (VPNs) and have partnered with leading security vendors such as Cisco, Computer Associates, McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro and more.

Our background and partnerships enable us to protect your network from unauthorized access, non-compliance with business security policies, theft and corruption – caused by everything from viruses and other malware, to hardware, software and power failures. And we’ll integrate the security system into all facets of your network so it proactively recognizes suspicious activity, identifies threats and coordinates a response to attacks.

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