Don't let paper files hold you back. Transforming your files from paper to digital
makes it easier than ever to find the files you need.
We put records at your fingertips. Digital filing lets you access your files 24/7—
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Document Management

Conversion Services

The GBS Conversion Services Center is a state-of-the-art, 35-workstation document imaging facility that quickly transforms your documents into accurate, archival digital images and delivers them to your business applications and databases for fast and easy retrieval.

Our facility is equipped with electronic keycard locks at every entry point, 24-hour video surveillance, motion detectors and alarms, making access to documents highly restricted and secure.


  • Convert hard copy, COLD file, microfiche/microfilm and electronic documents into a digital archive
  • Scan large-format documents, such as oversized drawings and maps
  • Securely pick up and deliver documents
  • Scan on customer’s site for special projects
  • Prepare documents (remove staples, organize, etc.)
  • Pull and send files that customers request during the scanning process
  • Offer long-and short-term box storage
  • Securely store a backup of customer’s digital archive at GBS facilities
  • Provide document destruction

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