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Document Management

Document Management Solutions

Paper grows at approximately 25% a year in the typical organization – 1 billion photocopies are made each day. Time is lost processing and looking for misfiled documents – 70% of “white-collar” worker time is spent processing paper documents while 20% of records are misfiled.

We know the documents that your company utilizes contain vital information that supports your business. Multiple departments are waiting on this information in order to complete their work. The longer they have to wait, the more it costs you. So how do you make documents available in a timely manner to the individuals who need them? And where does this data live – is it in emails, spreadsheets, hand-written notes, filing cabinets or disconnected digital platforms? With so many different locations to look for this information, important notes and conversations go undocumented.

Our affordable web-based Document Management Solution addresses these issues for organizations of all sizes. It is a seamless solution that allows you to track active paper files, manage archival storage and implement a comprehensive document imaging system. It allows individuals to access only the information they need wherever they are at anytime via secure access, allowing your employees the ability to make better, quicker decisions and provide excellent customer service.

Our Document Management Solution consists of the following:

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