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Remote Patient Monitoring

A continuous care platform designed to engage and facilitate remote patient monitoring, greatly enhancing ongoing care and outcomes

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) enables providers to offer premier, continuous care to patients outside of typical clinical settings, such as in the comfort of their own homes-garnering addictive patient loyalty and true engagement.

Our continuous care platform allows for greater visibility into the daily lives of patients, with early detection and powerful control over behavior change and outcomes. This “always-on” healthcare opens the door to numerous benefits including:

  • Simplicity and ease
  • Vitals from home via device connectivity
  • Continuous patient engagement
  • Early detection of disease/health issues
  • Decreased ER transports/visits and hospital admissions/readmissions
  • Higher patient retention and loyalty
  • Cloud-based software/clinical intelligence
  • Care team access, support and guidance
  • Real-time monitoring of patient populations
  • Best-of-breed security and governance
  • Reduced workload burden for clinical staff
  • Integration with major EHRs for easy flow of monitoring results/care interactions

remote patient monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring Features:

  • Zero Set-up – Devices come pre-configured and set up out of the box, including a mobile device for hypertension, diabetes, heart failure and oncology
  • No Technology Confusion – Devices are “senior simple” and automatically transmit vitals to the EHR and care team; users benefit from simple yet practical features like auto shut-off to avoid battery drain
  • No WiFi Connection Required – While the gateway works on home WiFi, devices are designed to transmit over cellular networks, ensuring data always gets to clinicians in time to intervene

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