Why are so many Credit Unions switching to GBS Sharetec solutions? They want to improve efficiencies and rise above the competition. Sharetec gives you the latest technology and compliancy needed. GBS gives the individualized customer service they expected.
Credit Union & Core Processing

Electronic Document Manager

Are you adhering to credit union document retention guidelines? Try Sharetec’s electronic documents or eDocuments. You can attach documents directly to a share, loan, or to the member record. Documents are attached in one of three ways – scan a paper document, attach a document in file format like a Word or PDF document, or electronically sign a document using e-Documents. Either way, when you need to see the member document, you simply click on their document folder. What a great tool for credit unions with multiple branches.

Have you ever noticed that a Best Buy or Wal-Mart clerk never handles a receipt other than the one they give you? How convenient is that? You can do this too with Sharetec’s electronic receipts or e-Receipts as it is more commonly referred. E-Receipts allows you to capture the member’s signed receipt instantly and automatically. Just like the retail giants mentioned above, your member will sign a pad when they have completed their transactions — Sharetec does the rest. If you ever need to see or print a copy of the receipt, it is just a click away. Also, if you are so inclined, the signature pads can display a series of personalized marketing messages to cross sell that special you are running.

Credit Union Document Retention
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