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Electronic Document Manager

Are you adhering to credit union document retention guidelines? Try Sharetec’s electronic documents or eDocuments. You can attach documents directly to a share, loan, or to the member record. Documents are attached in one of three ways – scan a paper document, attach a document in file format like a Word or PDF document, or electronically sign a document using e-Documents. Either way, when you need to see the member document, you simply click on their document folder. What a great tool for credit unions with multiple branches.

Have you ever noticed that a Best Buy or Wal-Mart clerk never handles a receipt other than the one they give you? How convenient is that? You can do this too with Sharetec’s electronic receipts or e-Receipts as it is more commonly referred. E-Receipts allows you to capture the member’s signed receipt instantly and automatically. Just like the retail giants mentioned above, your member will sign a pad when they have completed their transactions — Sharetec does the rest. If you ever need to see or print a copy of the receipt, it is just a click away. Also, if you are so inclined, the signature pads can display a series of personalized marketing messages to cross sell that special you are running.

Credit Union Document Retention
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