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GBS’ Smart Business Solutions is an educational podcast that offers solutions to today’s biggest business challenges as seen through the eyes of leading industry experts and market professionals. Explore the worlds of technology, healthcare, logistics, brand security, print management, and information management and see how today’s leaders are successfully navigating them on a daily basis.

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Episode 50:

Business: Meet Our New CEO Michele Benson!

In this episode of Smart Business Solutions, we welcome our new CEO, Michele Benson. Michele began her career at GBS in 1994, and has held positions as a Staff Accountant, Accounting Manager, Vice President of Finance & Treasurer, Executive Vice President of Filing Operations, Executive Vice President of Print Technologies, and has served as GBS’ CFO & Treasurer since 2016. On January 1st, she becomes the first female CEO in the 51-year history of the company. Join us here in welcoming Michele to her new role and hear her thoughts and vision for GBS as we begin a new chapter under her leadership.

Episode 49:

Technology: Protecting Your Data in the Year 2022 (Part 2)

Join us for the conclusion of our discussion on the latest developments in the data protection and cybersecurity industry with Vince Ingles, Ricky Baird and Kyle Kimerer. What happens if you suffer a cyberattack or data breech, and what steps need to be taken? How can you successfully navigate through this process? Our team explains all of that and more here. Also, Vince gives listeners the chance to submit any questions they may have to the Team as part of a future episode of the show.

Episode 48:

Technology: Protecting Your Data in the Year 2022 (Part 1)

On this episode of Smart Business Solutions, we welcome back old friend – and tech expert – Vince Ingles to discuss the latest developments in the data protection and security industry. What are the current threats keeping IT professionals awake at night? What new solutions are available to mitigate these threats? What’s Cyber Insurance and who should have it? And how can anyone keep track of all of this? Vince, along with GBS colleagues Ricky Baird and Kyle Kimerer, discuss all of this and much more in this first part of our two-part show. 

Episode 47:

Healthcare: Remote Patient Monitoring and the Future of the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Jeff Gruen has spent more than 30 years in the healthcare industry – as a physician, an entrepreneur and leader in some of the world’s most prominent healthcare companies. He has worked to inspire innovation in the industry, and started Raziel Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution to meet many of today’s patient challenges. Listen here as he and Pat Diana, GBS Director of Client Advocacy, discuss the specifics of RPM and how it can be adapted to meet the needs of an ever-changing patient population in the future.

Episode 46:

Business: The Benefits of a Good Print-on-Demand Strategy

Duncan Griffiths is the Vice President of Global Sales for Neuralabel, a GBS partner that provides label printing solutions for product & regulatory labels. On this episode of Smart Business Solutions, Duncan discusses the current state of the labeling and packaging industries, the recent global supply chain shortages and how they have affected the way companies are shipping their goods, and the benefits of a good Print-on-Demand strategy.

Mike Vitale and John Lane discuss brand protection solutions in Episode 45.

Episode 45:

Business: Customizing Your Brand Protection Solution to Fit Your Product

As a follow up to our previous discussion on Brand Protection with Michael Welch of Avery Dennison, we talk here with GBS’ Mike Vitale and John Lane, Brand Protection experts in our PrinTech division. Both are seasoned professionals in the industry, with nearly 40 years of combined experience. Listen as Mike and John discuss the types of Brand Protection solutions available today, the components and customizability of these solutions and how they can be authenticated.

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