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Smart Business Solutions is an educational podcast that offers solutions to today’s biggest business challenges as seen through the eyes of leading industry experts and market professionals. Explore the worlds of technology, healthcare, logistics, brand security, print management, and information management and see how today’s leaders are successfully navigating them on a daily basis.

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Tony Kelly and Jay Malcolm discuss debt collections solutions in Episode 43.

Episode 43:

Finance: Effective Debt Collection Solutions for Your Company

Debt collection is a challenge that all companies face, regardless of the industry or area they operate in. Tony Kelly is an expert in the debt collection space, and co-founder of Expert Revenue Systems (XRS), a collection specialist supplier that provides software and service solutions to countries throughout Europe and North America. Jay Malcolm, GBS Fintech Senior Account Executive, joins Tony here to discuss the challenges all collections companies are facing today, the technology available to assist them, and what the industry will look like in the coming decade.

Mike Welch of Avery Dennison discusses Brand Protection solutions in Episode 42.

Episode 42:

Business: Identifying the Right Brand Protection Solutions for Your Products

We continue our discussion on this episode of Smart Business Solutions on the topic of Brand Protection with Michael Welch, Senior Product Manager at Avery Dennison, on how companies can effectively protect their products and brands. With more than 22 years of experience in the industry, Michael discusses the ways that Brand Protection applies to all companies and products, the differences between “tamper evident” and “anti-counterfeiting” and the types of materials used in the labeling and packaging solutions available today.

Robert Taylor of UPM Raflatac discusses corporate sustainability in Episode 41.

Episode 41:

Business: How to Conduct an Effective Corporate Sustainability Program

On this episode of Smart Business Solutions, Robert Taylor, Sustainability Director at UPM Raflatac, joins us to discuss the company’s approach to sustainability, including their recycling and responsible sourcing, product design, factory operations and strategic partnership practices. Based in Finland, Robert is a UK Chartered Forester and has worked for UPM for 26 years in various senior positions on their global sustainability team. Currently, he’s leading a team of experts in developing strategy for UPM’s Beyond Fossils initiative, which he discusses here.

Karen Calabria and Mark Kiraly discuss the YOGI Program in Episode 40.

Episode 40:

Business: Creating a Corporate Culture of Giving and Service

The GBS Year of Giving Initiative (YOGI) Program began in 2016 as a way to formalize and expand the charitable activities of GBS and its employees. In this episode of Smart Business Solutions, YOGI Committee members Karen Calabria and Mark Kiraly discuss the giving culture and history of GBS, the aid provided to those in need, and the opportunities we all have to contribute our time, talent and treasure to help others.

GBS' Atomic Wash Creative Services are discussed in Episode 39.

Episode 39:

Creative Services: Successful Design-to-Delivery Programs to Grow Your Business

The ability of GBS to deliver impactful, design-to-delivery creative services to customers has helped them to successfully grow their businesses. In this episode of the podcast, Elizabeth Klingseisen, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the Stratix Corporation, discusses how GBS’ Atomic Wash Creative Services partnered with her team to modernize and re-energize their brand, including an updated brand identity and voice, new website and sales materials, and a comprehensive implementation plan.

Bethany Sanders and John Downes discuss sustainability in Episode 38.

Episode 38:

Business: The Importance of Sustainable Products and Programs (Part 3)

Join us for the third and final episode of Smart Business Solutions as we conclude our discussion on sustainable products and programs with GBS Account Executives Bethany Sanders and John Downes. Listen as we discuss the prevalence of sustainability in the current marketplace, the types of sustainable products GBS has to offer companies, and some of the ways we have helped companies achieve their sustainability goals.

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