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GBS’ Smart Business Solutions is an educational podcast that offers solutions to today’s biggest business challenges as seen through the eyes of leading industry experts and market professionals. Explore the worlds of technology, healthcare, logistics, brand security, print management, and information management and see how today’s leaders are successfully navigating them on a daily basis.

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Mike and Rich discussing print technology solutions in Episode 9.

Episode 9:

Business: The Importance of Technology in Product Packaging

In this episode of Smart Business Solutions, Senior Sales Executive Mike Montgomery discusses the newest solutions available to clients through the GBS Print Technologies Division. Labels, Instructions for Use (IFUs) and printed marketing materials are just a few of the customized options available to help businesses effectively manage, store and retrieve their information on a daily basis.

Brian and Rich discussing print management programs for clients in Episode 8.

Episode 8:

Business: Comprehensive Print Management Solutions

Brian Taylor, Director of Print and Paper Solutions at GBS, discusses the challenges that organizations face today in managing their print and promotional programs, the technology involved in simplifying this process, his experience in providing customized solutions to clients of all sizes, and the satisfaction that comes from helping others succeed.

John and Rich discussing customized packaging solutions for clients during Episode 7.

Episode 7:

Business: Customized Packaging Solutions for Clients

John Lane has been with GBS for 27 years and is currently serving as Vice President of Printech Solutions. In this episode of Smart Business Solutions, John discusses his experiences and lessons learned in sales and management, the changes he has seen in the print and labeling industry throughout the years, the joy received from solving problems for clients, and how GBS has used technology to adapt and meet the needs of today’s businesses.

Joe and Eugene Jr. discussing effective document management solutions in Episode 6.

Episode 6:

Business: Efficiently Managing Your Business Documents

Joe Calabria is Vice President of Document Imaging and IT Solutions and has been with GBS for over 31 years. Listen here as Joe discusses the critical need for businesses today to convert documents from paper to digital files, the ease at which digitized documents can be disseminated and stored, the safety and peace of mind that digital records provide to companies, and the time and money that can be saved by doing so.

Jackie and Eugene Jr. discuss principles for developing great client solutions in Episode 5.

Episode 5:

Business: Principles for Developing Successful Customer Solutions

Jackie Davison has been with GBS for 23 years and is Senior Vice President of Business Development. In this episode of Smart Business Solutions, Jackie discusses the keys to successful selling and customer service, the ability to grow through the use of new technologies, the need to adapt to changing and emerging markets, and the value of listening and collaboration in developing effective customer solutions.

Mike Vitale detailing tech solutions for brand protection during Episode 4.

Episode 4:

Technology: Using Tech to Protect Your Brand

Mike Vitale has been with GBS for over 9 years and was recently promoted to Vice President of Sales for the PrintTech Solutions division. Listen as Mike discusses the necessity of utilizing technology to develop secure labeling and brand protection solutions for clients, the importance of smart warehousing and logistics activities in managing products and information, and the career benefits of mentoring.

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