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America's Productivity Partner
If productivity came in a box, would you open it?

You’re visiting the online home of America’s Productivity Partner.

GBS is a leading information solutions provider, partnering with some of the world’s most established brand names as well as smaller forward-thinking organizations. Across every one of our diverse product and service platforms, we innovate increased productivity for our customers.


Since our founding in 1971, GBS has understood the value of identifying and investing in technologies that change and improve the dynamics of how our customers do business. From developing feature-rich software solutions to deploying advanced print and marketing services using multi-million dollar equipment, GBS is always engaged in upgrading its technology capital because we know how high-tech can translate to high productivity.

 Our information solutions include: 


Still, at employee-owned GBS, our culture is one that values people, their commitment to meeting customers’ needs and the expertise that enables them to do this successfully. In sum, we are America’s Productivity Partner because GBS is the home of AMERICA’S PRODUCTIVITY PEOPLE. Depth of industry experience, cross-discipline knowledge and often career longevity and company loyalty equip our team members to achieve consistently high levels of execution on behalf of our customers.


Does a company’s culture reflect its people or do its people act and respond in ways that reflect its culture? The answer, of course, is both. From organizational integrity to customer centricity, GBS is an organization committed to trustworthy corporate citizenship.

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