How are you planning to liquidate your excess inventory? We specialize in purchasing stock upfront utilizing strategic advertising to drive maximum ROI.
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Multi-Channel e-Commerce, Sales & Advertising

GBS has partnered with DLX Deals, an industry-leading team that specializes in e-commerce, with a unique focus on liquidation and closeout deals. DLX Deals possesses years of experience that allows them to isolate, analyze and capitalize on deals that drive bottom-line results.

DLX Deals provides critical working capital to companies seeking to convert consumer goods inventory to liquid assets. DLX will purchase stock upfront and assume the risk of selling the goods through a variety of consumer channels.

The DLX Deal team’s proven expertise in multi-channel e-commerce and strategic advertising and performance media buying allow it to take inventory positions on slow-moving, discontinued and non-strategic stock purchased from its seller clients.

DLX Deals can also coordinate functional aspects of its sales system in partnership with owners of consumer brands and proprietary products.

DLX Deals:

  • Liquidates wholesale inventory & overstock products
  • Achieves scale using multi-channel e-commerce (Amazon, Facebook, etc.)
  • Drives maximum return-on-investment using strategic advertising initiatives
  • Provides wholesalers access to direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies
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