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EasyID® ADSync Solutions


Active Directory Sychronization (ADSync) saves valuable time and money by practically eliminating the time EasyID® Administrators spend managing users in EasyID® and their associated security groups.


  • Full Active Directory Group Integration with EasyID® Users and Group (i.e.: Admitting, Administrator or Downtime Group)
  • Automatic Creation of EasyID® Users based on Active Directory
  • Automatic Update of EasyID® Users and Groups based on Active Directory
  • Automatic EasyID® Group Management based on Active Directory
  • Automatic EasyID® Disable and Delete of EasyID® users based on Active Directory

Here are some stats from one of our current customers who is utilizing ADSync: 

  • 5-facility Implementation with EasyID® 3.4.31 and ADSync
  • Centrally managed Active Directory of 5 facilities with 3900 AD Users from 4 AD Groups Managing 88 EasyID Groups
  • Prior to ADSync, EasyID® Administrator managed approximately 30 EasyID® user accounts per day (create/update/delete) and EasyID® Group association
  • Implementation of ADSync eliminated approximately 10-12 hours of EasyID® user administration each week
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