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Patient Identification

EasyID® Downtime Solution

Downtime is an add-on module for EasyID® that enhances positive patient identification by providing the ability to print a sheet of labels during a downtime situation.

Downtime may be used during the following scenarios:

  • ADT System is down
  • Entire network is down
  • ADT System is down, but network is up

Features and Benefits:

  • Positively identifies patients during a downtime situation
  • Provides one Downtime license with a Label or Form Application
  • Synchronizes with the EasyID® database, eliminating the need to key in existing patient information
  • Uses the same label layout as the EasyID® System
  • Provides security based on EasyID® configuration
  • Maintains EasyID® server and network functionality even without ADT data
  • Continually synchronizes the  EasyID® database to provide ease of printing labels
  • Functions in a stand-alone mode, and as a stand-alone application
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