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Disaster Recovery Services

Organizations depend so much on their IT and network infrastructures to conduct business that any disaster interrupting their system also halts their operations, causes lost market share and, in some cases, finishes them. A disaster may be anything that results in the inability to access the IT infrastructure. Disaster recovery services protect your infrastructure from occurrences including: natural disasters, fire, power failure, terrorist attacks, thefts, and computer viruses. It may even be in the form of human error.

Disaster Recovery Services

Effective disaster recovery services are complex, but GBS employees are skilled at recognizing your company’s needs and customizing a plan that minimizes downtime and gets you moving again shortly after a disaster occurs.

Disaster Recovery Services:

  • Detecting the disaster effects as quickly as possible
  • Notifying any affected parties so that they can take action
  • Isolating the affected systems so damage cannot spread
  • Repairing the critical affected systems so operations resume

A sound disaster plan is essential to protecting the well-being of an organization. This cannot really be over emphasized; yet many organizations side step developing a formal plan because of the complexity that is involved.

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