February 24, 2020

Similar to how you take precautions to prepare and protect your home, the same measures can be applied to your School District’s “home”—the vital infrastructure which houses your most critical and sensitive data. In fact, the careful management of your “home” is essential to ensure the security of your School’s data. A well-managed infrastructure will also ensure that things are running smoothly for those who rely on the security and availability of your “home’s” vast network of information.

Security breaches and other harmful threats could place your School’s infrastructure at substantial risk. And without the proper foundation of products and services, you could be leaving the door wide open to serious threats that have the potential to jeopardize the security and availability of your School District’s data.

GBS’ Managed Technology Solutions offers a strong foundation of preparation and protection for your School District by safeguarding its vital infrastructure. Customized to meet your precise needs, our wide range of products and services is designed to insulate and ensure your system 24/7, guarding it from the potential risks and breaches that are becoming increasingly common, sophisticated and widespread.

For more information on how GBS’ Managed Technology Solutions can help safeguard your School District against harmful security threats, please contact us at 330.497.6728 or at

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