May 14, 2019

Patient Engagement is a collaborative, comprehensive strategy designed to improve patient care and lower total healthcare costs. It includes intimately involving patients in the management of their own healthcare, working closely in collaboration with their providers to craft the best treatment options available. This type of cooperation, unprecedented in previous generations, is now recognized as a key component of a high quality healthcare system. In fact, good Patient Engagement can do a lot to significantly improve the overall healthcare delivery process for everyone involved – including patients, providers and the industry as a whole.

Patient Benefits:

  • Improved care through customized treatment plans and direct interaction with providers
  • Greater education on and awareness of conditions, diagnoses and treatment options
  • Greater patient willingness to participate in preventative care activities
  • Increased satisfaction with their overall Healthcare experience

Provider Benefits:

  • Better treatment plans leading to better overall care for patients
  • Improved patient relationships through collaboration on care plans and prevention
  • Enhanced reputation, greater patient loyalty and potentially increased revenue streams
  • Improved patient adherence to agreed-upon treatment plans

Industry Benefits:

  • Lower costs through more personalized treatment plans and preventative care measures
  • Wider use and acceptance of technology as an industry standard for enhanced patient care
  • Increased efficiencies between providers in sharing timely and relevant patient data
  • More effective patient treatment plans and outcomes

There are many technological components that make up a modern, effective Patient Engagement program. Means of communication can include telephone calls, emails, texts, videos, webinars, smartphone apps, patient satisfaction surveys, and automated appointment and care reminders. To learn how GBS can assist with all of these solutions and services, read more here.

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