October 28, 2019

  1. Accurate Coding & Compliance – With the addition of ICD-10, accurate diagnosis and procedural coding have increased in complexity over the past few years. Outsourcing coding provides access to a highly educated coding workforce, with coding certification and ICD-10 at the core of some providers. With an experienced coding team doing the work, the practice will realize an increase in cash flow, while satisfying compliance initiatives through accurate and precise coding.
  2. Clean Claims Submission – Clean claims submission is directly linked to accurate patient registration, correct coding, detailed charge entry and EDI pre-billing edits. Having a high clean claims submission rate is an essential element to healthy accounts receivables and improved cash flow. Tracking error rates and providing front end error data contribute to staff re-education and improved process flows.
  3. Denials & Appeals Management – Back end (post claim submission) denial management is a critical component to RCM. Having a tool that manages denials and provides reporting feedback aides in the identification of payor denial trends. The ability to track appeals filed to the payor in response to an erroneous denial provides tremendous value to the practice. In addition, a swift response to payor denials results in improvements to the practice’s Days Revenue Outstanding (DRO), Account Receivable Aging (ARA), Gross Collection Percentage (GCP) and Net Collection Percentage (NCP) benchmarks.
  4. Patient Collections – With rising deductibles, the need for a regular patient statement cycle coupled with an automated collection cycle is more important than ever. Dedicated staff is allocated to establishing payment plans with patients. Monitoring statements of delinquent accounts is forwarded to the practice’s outside collection agency in accordance with the practice’s pre-determined protocols.
  5. Analytical Reporting & Benchmarking – Analytical reporting is utilized on multiple levels of the revenue cycle. Establishing benchmark comparison data should be part of every practice’s monthly process. In addition to aiding in the ongoing assessment of the fiscal health of the practice, analytics provides proactive identification of potential reimbursement, productivity and operational issues and aides in benchmark comparisons.


GBS Corporation/Odyssey Health Systems (GBS/OHS) offers clients the opportunity to increase their collections, reduce receivables, and decrease payment lag days with our RCM services. With expertise and experience dating back to 1995, GBS/OHS also offers value-added services such as medical record documentation training, E&M and surgical coding education, and continuous process improvements through the involvement of our Executive leadership team and skilled industry professionals.

Hear what some of our current clients are saying:

“I give GBS/OHS an unqualified recommendation for any hospital or medical group that is seeking billing, collections, or consulting services. Their business model and proven ability to successfully execute that model makes them the logical and smart choice.”

– Ronald R. Suntken, President and CEO, Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center

To learn how your hospital or medical group can benefit from GBS/Odyssey’s RCM services, contact us today at 800.870.4427 or at

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