December 3, 2019

EasySIGN is a simplified approach to collecting patient signatures, photos, and scanned ID cards at the Registration Center, bedside or anywhere from a mobile device. With EasySIGN, healthcare providers can quickly process patients and ensure that forms and consents are electronically signed and stored in the EHR for safekeeping.

Using a tablet and the hospital’s registration system, EasySIGN’s interactive forms are presented to the patient for completion and signature, and then seamlessly documented in the EHR. Providers can also (and easily) upload patient photos and IDs (drivers licenses and insurance cards), take payments, and get forms and consents signed, even at the bedside.

In addition, EasySIGN enables providers to register patients even when their computer network is down as well as allowing them to be able to reduce paper costs, enhance patient satisfaction, and increase return on investment with quicker registrations.

Features of GBS’ EasySIGN program include the following:                            Healthcare Graphic

  • Capture Patient Photos
  • Scan Wristband Barcodes
  • Capture Signatures Electronically
  • Capture Images (Insurance Cards, Driver’s Licenses, etc.)
  • Keyboard-Free Navigation
  • Reduced Registration Time
  • Improved Compliance
  • Easy Forms Completion
  • Error Reduction
  • Email / Print / Archive Capabilities
  • Add Patient Notes and History
  • Reduce Paper Waste
  • Compatible with Most EHR Systems
  • Compatible with Hospital Registration Systems
  • Enhances Hospital Payment Processing
  • Easy Patient Registration During Downtime Events


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