When should you look externally for outside-the-box productivity solutions? The answer is simple… When your enterprise and network partner provides added-value expertise and generates cost-efficiencies that an internal resource can’t deliver.
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Data Protection

We offer customers data protection by automatically backing up important files to a secure data center via the Internet, eliminating the risk of losing critical information to faulty backup tapes and making it easier to restore lost data.


  • State-of-the-art servers in wholly-owned data centers on multiple sites
  • Full systems redundancy
  • Backup power system (UPS battery backup and diesel generator)
  • Climate-controlled environment
  • 24/7 system administration and onsite security
  • Biometric security access
  • Encryption for entirely secure backups
  • Backup is compliant with HIPAA regulations
  • You see the backup data; we do not!

Easy and Convenient

  • User-friendly client software
  • “Getting Started Wizard” for simple set up of backups
  • Comprehensive, automatic backup scheduling for hands-free backups
  • File selection filters so you can choose only your most important files for backup
  • FastBIT binary incremental backups that reduce backup times and bandwidth requirements up to 99% by backing up changes rather than the entire file again
  • Compression for quick backups and restoration
  • Silent mode so backups run invisibly in the background
  • High speed Internet connection is required; speeds required may vary dependent upon the amount of data required to replicate

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