Spend time on your clients, not your tech. Hardware, hosting and colocation, network security and more—with GBS' managed technology, you're in expert hands. Cut the cord with your bulky equipment and free up space with hosting or colocation. Plug into the GBS mainframe.
Managed Technology Solutions

Server, Storage and Lifecycle Management

Computer Lifecycle Management

GBS customizes affordable computer lifecycle management plans that will save your company even more money in the long run. That’s because our proactive approach avoids future hardware failures, saves energy and increases computer and employee productivity.

Whether a desktop, notebook, or Gold Disk imaging before shipping, GBS will work with your IT department to determine the best computer setup and software for each employee or department, delivering it quickly and flexibly to minimize workflow interruptions.

Centralized Managed Storage

Business is becoming more data-intensive all the time, and managing your storage capacity has become more resource-intensive and complex. Storage needs can be unpredictable. If your business does not have the capability to handle dynamic changes quickly, you risk interrupting operations and paying a premium to add capacity.

GBS makes it fast and simple to manage multi-vendor, multi-platform data storage. With one call, you’ll find your source for expert data protection while saving the extensive time and money it would take to expand your own enterprise and network resources.

We make sure your storage demands and capacity match in order to keep energy costs down. We also anticipate your future storage needs so that capacity adjustments are easy, quick and economical. To keep productivity up, GBS does it all without interrupting your operations.

Server Consolidation and Virtualization

GBS knows how to best assess your current server situation and reorganize it for increased productivity. We do this through server consolidation and virtualization, which allows data from multiple servers to be accessed from location. This way, the number of servers running applications and operating systems is reduced and the servers in operation are more fully utilized than before.

Potential returns on investment include:

  • Cost-effective scaling: fewer servers, server locations and software licenses, and simplified server administration cuts overall IT and network costs
  • Lower utility costs: operating less servers reduces power and cooling energy
  • Simplified operations: increased product reliability and performance enables higher-skilled resources to focus on higher-value tasks
  • Improved utilization and up-time: better server management ensures high availability and security
  • Decreased space requirements: fewer servers frees up floor space

GBS specializes in bringing our customers best-in-class solutions to meet their server needs.

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