RFID File Folders

As an information solution provider, GBS understands the value of identifying and investing in technologies that change and improve the dynamics of how our customers do business. We realize the ability to find files and documents fast is critical to most companies. RFID technology provides accurate and real-time tracking of file folders, while reducing the time it takes to inventory records and locate misplaced files.

holding RFID label

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has no line-of-sight reading requirement, so it supports applications such as taking inventory just by waiving a wand across the edge of a shelf. RFID tags are placed inside the file folder to provide ease of tracking.

We can customize any folder with a company’s logo and personal information. The file folder can utilize alphabetic or numeric labeling as needed.

File Folder RFID Labeled


RFID file folders improve business processes, responsiveness and performance. Allow GBS to customize a filing solution for your business.

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