Organizational Accessories

Chart Dividers

  • Can be printed and color-coded with headings you specify
  • Secured in file with a fastener

Duraclip Fasteners

  • Securely attach hole-punched documents to folder

Extension Clips

  • Allow quick addition or deletion of documents anywhere in the record without removing and replacing other documents
  • Let files be referenced like a book for quicker photocopying of a document in the middle of the stack

File Backs

  • Include fastener on every divider for quick addition or deletion of documents in the appropriate section

Inner or Drop-In Folders

  • Organize expansion pockets
  • Color coded
  • Made to order

Peel-N-Stick Dividers

  • Color coded
  • Fasteners on both sides for separate filing areas
  • Can be added as needed


  • Securely hold smaller documents and items to folder

Stitched Dividers

  • Tabs are printed and color coded for easy referencing
  • Can include fasteners for security
  • Factory installed for convenience

Mylar Label Protectors

  • Add durability to labels
  • Protect headings from smudging

Folder Repair Labels

  • Repairs torn labels so replacement is unnecessary

filing organization accessories

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