GBS provides many types of labels to assist in providing you an efficient filing solution. Learn more about our filing products.

Bar Codes

  • Track documents and records through their life cycle
  • Identify locations where records are located or moved
  • Indicate actions like “check-in,” “check-out,” “transfer,” “purge” and “destroy”
  • Automate the indexing of records when converting to digital imaging systems

Color Codes

  • Available in alphabetic, straight numeric and terminal digit indexing
  • Fast, accurate filing and retrieval: assign a distinct color to each letter or number, zero through nine, to form recognizable color blocks
  • Misfile control: misfiling is unlikely, but quick and easy to find because it interrupts the color sequence


  • Arrange files alphabetically by name – individual, company or subject
  • Best for a smaller volume of records (less than 5,000)
  • Labels:
    • GBS
    • Barkley
    • Col-R-Tab
    • Jeter
    • Smead
    • Tab

Straight Numeric

  • Arrange files sequentially by number
  • Best for a mid-sized volume of records (5,000 to 10,000)
  • Labels:
    • GBS
    • Acme
    • AFV
    • Ames
    • Barkley
    • Col-R-Tab
    • Digi-Color
    • Jeter
    • Kardex
    • POS
    • Sav-Tyme
    • Smead
    • Tab

Terminal Digit

  • Group files that end in same two, three or four digits; within groups, arrange files sequentially by number
  • Best for a large volume of records (10,000 or more)

Customized Strip Labels

  • Customized using information supplied by customer
  • Printed and applied to folders at factory
  • Save customers time and money

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