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Document Management

Content Management for Human Resources

Efficiently manage volumes of paper records and documentation with GBS’ Content Management Solution for Human Resources.

In order to remain competitive, organizations must become increasingly efficient at managing their Human Resources (HR) and payroll functions. Paper is a barrier to handling these functions efficiently. In most businesses, multiple people need access to specific documents at the same time, which requires multiple copies. In addition, it is time consuming to find, retrieve and re-file paper documents. By deploying our content management for human resources solution, your operations will be streamlined to address these issues.

Our Content Management for Human Resources Solution eliminates non-essential tasks associated with document driven processes. It is a seamless solution that allows you to control, manage and distribute information created from a variety of sources and stored in multiple locations.

Our Content Management Solution is designed to:

  • Accept and combine content
  • Organize content
  • Distribute content via workflow
  • Store content
  • Provide secure access to content when and where users need it

The value this brings to your business is reduced operational costs, faster response times, increased security, improved regulatory compliance and much more.

Content Management for Human Resources

As a company’s largest asset, human resources are the foundation of a productive and creative workplace. It has become increasingly difficult to effectively manage the multitude of functions that take place on a day-to-day basis. Our Content Management Solution increases HR employee productivity and reduces costs by streamlining employee administration and automating critical processes such as recruitment and selection, performance evaluations, compensation plan changes and time-off requests.

Why continue to operate your HR department inefficiently? No matter your role – whether an HR director, generalist, recruiter, benefits partner or payroll coordinator – you will realize a direct, positive impact on your daily work by using our Content Management Solution.

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