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Document Management

Content Management for Healthcare

GBS’ Content Management Solution for Healthcare significantly reduces labor and solves compliancy issues.

What is an EOB (Explanation of Benefits)? An EOB is a written statement to a beneficiary, from a third-party payer, after a claim has been reported, indicating the benefits and charges covered or not covered by the medical benefits plan.

Are You Facing the Time-Consuming Process of Filing and Retrieving EOB’s?
When services are provided to your patients, claims for the payment of services are submitted to third-party payers. Payments are made to the providers in the form of a check or electronic funds transfer. Accompanying the payment is an itemized report of the claims included in the payment. This report is referred to as the EOB. This can be a time-consuming process.

Benefits of GBS’ Content Management Solution:

  • Significantly reduces labor
  • Solves HIPAA compliance issues
  • Introduces imaging technology that can be leveraged to solve other document intensive applications
  • Enables quick and simple retrieval
  • Provides easy implementation with minimal training and support required
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