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Document Management

Content Management for Governments

Wasn’t paper supposed to go away? Isn’t this the era of digital government?
Then why are so many governments scanning pages into document imaging systems? Despite the e-government trend and the move toward enterprise-wide information systems, there’s still no end of paper in the public sector. Between government’s historical archives and the myriad forms used to transact business, paper management is still a major challenge.

Helping You Close the Gap
GBS’ Content Management for Governments Solution closes the gap between hard copy and digital business processes. Our solution utilizes document imaging, which captures electronic copies of pages and provides tools for:

  • Indexing
  • Storing
  • Retrieving

It allows your users to manage workflow, ensuring employees handle documents according to established protocols. You can automatically apply records management rules, such as how long different document categories must be stored and when to purge them.

Content Management Solutions for Government Agencies
Although many more documents these days are born digital, paper dominates in several areas of government, making them strong targets for digital imaging systems. Among these are the following:

  • Functions that rely on “turnaround documents” – forms that governments send out for people to complete and return
  • Old historical records – records which can be difficult to manage and retrieve
  • Vital records, tax collection, integrating documents with GIS data and any kind of licensing/permitting

Streamline operations, reduce costs and share information in an efficient manner by using our Content Management Solution.

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