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Document Management

Content Management for Business Management

Streamline your operations, reduce your costs and share information efficiently with GBS’ Content Management Solution for Business Management.

Paper is a barrier to handling financial transactions efficiently. In most businesses, multiple people need access to specific documents at the same time, which requires multiple copies. In addition, it is time consuming to find, retrieve and re-file paper documents. You can address these issues and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by deploying more streamlined operations. Accounting processes within an organization, including both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, can significantly be enhanced through the use of our comprehensive Content Management Solution.

GBS’ Content Management Solution for Business Management Processes:

  • Saves time with any task that requires access to customer information
  • Reduces costs associated with employee time, file and storage costs and copy machine costs
  • Makes more efficient use of physical space and facilities
  • Improves disaster recovery efforts and increases security of documents, emails and all other information
  • Allows for unlimited users and projects
  • Reduces collection cycle time to decrease outstanding balance totals and increase capital
  • Automatically routes documents through the appropriate steps and sends email notifications/reminders
  • Automatically distributes A/P invoices to appropriate clerks, balancing workloads

You can begin realizing reduced operational costs, faster response times, increased security and improved regulatory compliance by utilizing GBS’ Content Management Solution.

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