Why are so many Credit Unions switching to GBS Sharetec solutions? They want to improve efficiencies and rise above the competition. Sharetec gives you the latest technology and compliancy needed. GBS gives the individualized customer service they expected.
Credit Union & Core Processing

Additional Member Services

Safe Deposit Box 
If you have safe deposit boxes, then you know that the billing can create a fair amount of work. There are additional Sharetec features that will serve as a solution for you. With our member services, you simply define your Box Sizes, Descriptions, Key Deposit Amounts, Rental Amounts, and Rental Frequencies while Sharetec handles all the billing for you as an automatic withdraw from a member designated share account. Sharetec also keeps track of the available inventory.

Ultimate Checking (Reward Checking) 
If we use the word ultimate, it has to be good. With Ultimate Checking, your members earn a high dividend rate typically associated with CDs and money market accounts. Plus, their dividend rate isn’t tiered — their entire balance earns the same high rate. At the same time, their money is completely liquid; they have the freedom of unlimited deposits and withdrawals. As you know, the members just have to meet a few credit union defined criteria each month to qualify for their high dividend rate, which will increase  your income and new deposits.

Driver’s License Identification 
Is there anything more important than security today? For this reason, Sharetec has made validating a member so convenient. From within the Sharetec transaction screen, your tellers are able to see the driver’s license for each member and each joint member. In addition, when a license is scanned for a new member, all of their data is electronically extracted from the license and populated within Sharetec. What a huge time saver- No more typos!

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