Why should you automate your collections? Reducing administrative tasks lets you easily manage your accounts, letting you know what actions need to be taken and when. Give them more control over their repayment plan. Self-Service Portal allows you to come to mutually beneficial agreements, increasing productivity and profitability.

GBS’ Rocket Collector Solution

GBS specializes in software systems for credit control, debt collection, debt management and legal debt recovery. Our solutions will transform your collections activity with secure, modern, cost-effective technologies.

Integrating customized business strategies, escalation features, legal requirements and a proven customer-focused workflow, GBS’ Rocket Collector automates the debt recovery process and ensures that you’re taking the right action at the right time to maximize your revenue collections. Automating an organization’s financial operations, GBS assists companies in a variety of industries with the selection and implementation of solutions to meet their precise needs and optimize business efficiency.

GBS’ Rocket Collector offers the following benefits to businesses:

  • Reduce delinquency rates by greater control of the collections process
  • Utilize our Self-Service Portal to allow debtors to quickly and easily negotiate their own payment plan and submit payments, increasing business productivity and profitability
  • Optimize efficiency by automating many administration tasks currently undertaken by collectors
  • Decrease staff costs by automating tasks and freeing up resources
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Increase control with comprehensive , smart business rules and task allocation
  • Increase customer retention by ensuring integration with your CRM

In addition, GBS’ Rocket Collector is completely customizable and scalable based on your needs. Choose from pre-defined workflows designed by industry experts or create one specific to your needs and location. Lastly, GBS’ Rocket Collector is completely compatible and integrates seamlessly with most ERP, CRM, Core systems – making your transition to a more efficient collections system effortless.

To learn more about GBS’ Rocket Collector solution and download our product brochure, click here.

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