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NextGen® Nutrition EHR

Is your Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution tailored to meet the needs of your Nutrition practice?

Providers who specialize in Nutrition need a technology partner that offers solutions tailored to meet the needs of their specialty. GBS is an established technology provider who has been tested and proven in the industry. Our NextGen® Nutrition Ambulatory EHR solution was created by Nutritionists to meet the unique needs of Nutrition professionals. Our solution provides you with effective and flexible implementation strategies that result in stress-free conversion and maximum productivity.

The NextGen®Nutrition EHR Nutrition EHR assists practices in realizing a new level of care by:

  • Ensuring a quick, accurate diagnosis
  • Providing more efficient patient visits
  • Enabling effective patient management
  • Increasing productivity
  • Enhancing profits
  • Offering an instant return on investment

Additionally, the NextGen® solution provides you with numerous specialized features and templates, along with seamless reporting tools (ad-hoc reporting) and sophisticated analysis that are capable of producing tangible results. This includes reducing A/R days, improving collections, and lowering operational costs. Nutrition practices can finally realize a stress-free process from appointment scheduling to revenue cycle management.

To learn more about how GBS and the NextGen® Nutrition Ambulatory EHR can assist your practice in achieving its clinical, financial, and operational goals, contact us at 800.860.4427.

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